The electronic support team is here to help you find the news, and it provides you with criteria that benefit you according to your follow-up to us and social networking sites, under the supervision of:


Editorial board chairman: a. Ahmed Ghanem

Editorial Director: A. Ghada Salem

I have been working as a professional writer for five years. I have a talent for choosing a smooth style that reaches the reader easily. I write in all areas in both Arabic and English. I supervise my management of a series of various websites affiliated with Al-Waleed Host.


And we have a number of distinguished editors who are responsible for knowing the credibility of the news before publishing it, and they have a smooth style that reaches the reader easily, and they also avoid spelling mistakes that most writers fall into, and they are:

Samar Adel:

Write in the field of digital marketing and how to deal with platforms specialized in electronic marketing and study applications through which you can deal with your product and market it electronically and what are the SEO standards for your site, and also how to deal with affiliate and host platforms

Alaa Mustafa:

I work as a content writer and article editor. I have written articles in many fields, and I currently specialize in writing about hosting lessons, commission marketing, SEO lessons, and everything related to or related to modern technology and social networking sites in general.